Chandigarh is a beautiful city the capital of northern Indian states of Punjab and Haryana. It is located in the foothills of shivalik it got its name from the goddess chandi. It is known to be the first planned city of India. The complete planning was done by the famous French architect Le corbrusier. It has highly fertile land and is very productive agriculturally.

What sector is considered the best sector?

There are 56 sectors in Chandigarh so it is very difficult to select the best out of them, different sectors are known for different specialties. Chandigarh in general is beautifully planned and is one of the most convenient cities to live in India. It is lined with beautiful trees, gardens and parks are available, lined avenues and residential area.  Many sectors can be considered best depending on your budget and lifestyle preferences.

Sector 16: Sector 16 is the most ideal region to live in as it promises to never have issues related to water supply and power cut etc. various powerful personalities reside in this area like the judiciaries of the high court of Chandigarh, various IAS officials etc. as a result of which this is a well protected sector and boasts of its high security.

Sector 11: One of the most posh sectors of Chandigarh this sector is adorned with beautiful houses and tasty eateries and bistros. It has a good hold on the educational facilities that it provides and all in a luxurious framework. It is home to various government officials like the gazette officials, senior teachers in the schools and universities, administrators etc. It is considered a posh sector because of its close vicinity to most established foundations in Chandigarh.

Sector 10: If security is your first concern then sector 10 would be the ideal place for you. It is an ideal spot to reside in or to make an investment. The fascination with this area comes because of the variety of eateries it provides and the extravagant lifestyle the people of this sector live. This sector is populated with various luxurious cars and homes.

Sector 8: This is a sector specifically designed for the defense officials. It is a home to various army officers and colonels. It is likewise eluded as the small LA (Los Angeles) of Chandigarh. It is designed in such a way that inhabitants can sit and partake in their morning breakfast in peace. This sector boasts of its security like none other.


Chandigarh is beautifully designed which makes it hard to select one sector as the best one. All the sectors in Chandigarh are well planned and have all basic needs taken care of. Various sectors in Chandigarh provide different advantages, depending upon the immediate need of the person and the budget they have, the sector that is the best for them can vary. Considering the redevelopment plan of Chandigarh maybe in the upcoming years it will be easier to choose a sector as the best considering the density of population and the facilities provided.

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