It’s no secret that Chandigarh is a hotspot for tourists and potential residents alike. There are two states that call this city their capital, and it is widely recognized as one of India’s cleanest. Based on the LG Electronics Happiness Index poll from 2015, Chandigarh was named India’s happiest city. Aside from the city’s thriving real estate and tourism industries, this alone would make it an ideal place to live.

Insight into Chandigarh’s real estate

The real estate market in Chandigarh collapsed in April and May of 2020 after taking a hit from the pandemic-induced lockdown. Since the lockdown was removed in November, however, the industry has been on the mend, with site visitors increasing by 45 percent. Chandigarh’s real estate market is explored here.


The going rate for a 2-bedroom apartment in Chandigarh is between Rs 40 and 45 Lakhs. If you’re looking for 3-bedroom flats for sale in Chandigarh, though, be prepared to spend up to Rs 1 crore. From these numbers, it is clear that real estate in Chandigarh commands a high price.


Chandigarh was designed with distinct districts, or “sectors. Many of the most important amenities, such as parks, roads, a pleasant atmosphere, parking, and more, may be found in each individual neighborhood. Various areas in Chandigarh are home to attractive eating establishments, hip hangout spots, and exciting nightlife venues.

Types of property

A home in Chandigarh can be found in any price range. If you’re in the market for a one-bedroom apartment, you can find one for less than Rs 10 million. In a similar vein, in cities like Kharar Mohali, Dera Bassi, and Zirakpur, 25 lakhs is more than enough to purchase a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

Rental values

Chandigarh is a good option if you’re looking to buy property as an investment and plan to rent it out in the meantime. Sector 5, sector 8, sector 9, sector 10, sector 15, sector 35, sector 34, and many more are all excellent choices for renters.

Residential areas of Chandigarh

The city of Chandigarh is known for its excellent infrastructure and high quality of living. Each area has been meticulously organized and segregated. The streets are spacious and well-kept, and there is convenient access to public transportation. Parks of high aesthetic quality have been incorporated into the neighborhood planning so that residents of all ages can enjoy the outdoors.

Why should you consider living in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh is regarded as one of the cleanest and most attractive cities in India. Here are some of the many advantages of calling Chandigarh home:

It is a clean place

Public spaces and streets in Chandigarh are immaculate. The areas themselves are spotless and well-organized.

The tourism sector of Chandigarh is growing rapidly

The rock garden of Chandigarh, Sukhna Lake, Elante mall, Timber Trail, the Rose Garden of Chandigarh, and many more are just some of the city’s many well-known attractions.

It has a great transportation facility

Some of Chandigarh’s most popular tourist destinations are the city’s rock garden, Sukhna Lake, Elante mall, Timber Trail, and the Rose Garden.

Chandigarh, with a population of over 2 million, has been in the news a lot recently. Many factors come into play, including proximity to attractions, public transportation, airports, universities, and nightlife. If you’re looking for a three-bedroom apartment for sale in Chandigarh, Omaxe Group can help. Omaxe Group is unparalleled among Indian property development firms. The company has been developing properties for almost 30 years, and its reputation for quality and convenience precedes them.

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