The beautiful city of Chandigarh is the first planned city in India designed by the famous architect and town planner Le Corbusier. It is known to be the capital of two states namely Punjab and Haryana and is well known for its quality of life and beautiful architecture it has.

Why was sector 13 left out?

This French architect divided the city into various sectors but left one out, sector 13. There are two explanations for it. Firstly, the architect being from France believed 13 to be an unlucky number and eliminated it. The second was that initially 12 and 13 were in the cultural zone. It was located below 10 and 11, but was removed over a period of time to remove confusion. Sector 12 was assigned to be a residential area, and 13 was left out because of the absence of an area to allocate it to.

Master plan 2031:

A master plan has been created for Chandigarh in which the idea of including sector 13 is proposed. This master plan is known as Chandigarh master plan 2031. The idea is to divide all the sectors in Chandigarh newly into 60 districts. This is divided into two phases:

Phase one:  According to the planning phase 1 will comprise 30- low-density grids with a proposed population of 1.5 lakhs and will be spread over a land area of 9000 square km.  Phase one will contain sectors 1-30.

Phase two: phase two is supposed to contain around 17 sectors which will be considerably high in density and will be spread over a land area of 6000 square km. This will contain sectors from number 31-47.

9 more sectors have been added after this from 48-56. The reference constitutes around 144 square km which includes 60 grids and the peripheral areas around it.

What will it be named?

The Chandigarh sector 13 is proposed to be named ‘Manimajra’ apart from this 7 other places got renamed, and the sarangpur institutional area was renamed to sector 12- west. Dhanas has been renamed to sector 14 west which includes the milk colony, rehabilitation colony, etc. Dadu majra and maloya have been renamed to sector 39- west. The previously known pocket number 8 has been below Vikas marg and is now sector 56 west. Apart from these industrial phase 1 has been named business and industrial park 1, phase 2 to business and industrial park two, and phase 3 is the business and industrial part 3.

Conclusion: the proposal for the same has been made and the people of Chandigarh are supporting it actively. Sector 13 of Chandigarh was eliminated previously due to some reasons that will be added soon and the citizens of Chandigarh are excited about it. Some think that since the architect didn’t add the number while in the making, putting it in now will be an insult to him, but this was won over by the majority who believe the number 13 is auspicious in Punjab.

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