In 2022 there is an increasing number of people around the world that are either working fully remotely or undertaking hybrid models of work. In part, the increase has largely been due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for many employees around the world to work remotely to deal with the restrictions on groups of people allowed to congregate in one space. This article explains three key ways in which the home office can be maximized in terms of the décor and contents to allow productive home working to be undertaken in a pleasant environment.

Perfect Home Office
Perfect Home Office

Consider the equipment

Today, experts estimate that by 2025 22% of the US population will be working remotely regularly, and this trend is expected to be followed by many other countries. As a result of the increasing move towards remote and hybrid working models, many homeowners are looking to create a permanent home office environment that allows efficient remote working.

Before thoughts turn to the décor of the home office space, it is vital to consider the home office equipment that will be needed. A primary consideration is having a strong and reliable internet connection that allows a connection to the organization’s intranet. In addition, it is important to have a dedicated work laptop that is lightweight and easily transportable for any required trips to the company office. If your work does not provide a works laptop (i.e., if you work on a freelance basis or are required to purchase your own equipment), then a 17 Inch Lenovo Laptop is likely to be perfect for all working needs as it has the power to accomplish a range of every day and CPU intensive tasks. Consider also investing in a small, quiet desktop printer that will not take up much space while producing high-quality documents. Here are some of the best desktop printers for home office use.

Minimalist décor

A home office environment needs to be one that promotes concentration and is free of distraction. As a result, it is good practice to keep décor minimalist in this space. The room should have neutral color schemes such as cream or white walls that allow the focus to be on working. The home office should also be free of clutter so efficient working can occur. If you are converting a room into a home office, be sure to remove any items that are not required, such as storage boxes and general household junk. Many homeworkers like having a few houseplants in their home office that keep a minimalist design ethos but promote improved air quality and a tranquil working environment.

Lighting considerations

Ideally, the home office should be in a room that benefits from an abundance of natural light. This can help improve concentration and mood during long working days. If the room is naturally dark, it can be good practice to install some lighting that mimics the effect of natural daylight. Task lighting can also be greatly beneficial when positioned near the computer screen, as this will reduce the risk of eye strain during extended periods of computer use. In short, the lighting in the home office should be as close to normal daylight as possible and allow extended work periods to be undertaken in comfort.

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