The buyer or seller can cancel an order if there is a problem. If you cancel an order, the vendor will return all of the items to their stock. The order’s status will be updated to Cancelled after the cancellation is processed. Check out the page for a complete list of valid and invalid grounds to cancel a purchase.


 To cancel an order, the following conditions must be met:

For those of you who are the SELLERS in the deal:

A Non-Paying Buyer Alert has been submitted and is now two weeks old (or as soon as 1 week if the buyer has not responded to the complaint). Cancellation is also available if an NPB has been filed and a buyer has chosen to cancel and accept penalties (status is NPX).

After submitting an Order Cancel Request. If a customer initiates an OCR, the seller has sole discretion as to whether or not the order is canceled. Immediately after you (the seller) submitted the Order Cancel Request, the order may be canceled.

Any time a buyer’s account has been suspended

If you’re the one making the purchase:

2 weeks after filing and keeping an NRS active (Non-Responding Seller Alert) (if the seller has not responded to the complaint).

After a Non-Shipping Seller Alert (NSS) has been submitted and active for two weeks (if the seller has not provided proof of shipping or a refund).

If the seller’s account was canceled,

Cancellation instructions

 Remember, once you’ve canceled an order there’s no turning it back around.

You are the SELLER if you are involved in this deal.

Enter the order ID on the Problem Order page. You will have the opportunity to file an OCR if the order is eligible for cancellation.

What went wrong? Select the option to file an OCR (a comment is also required). Take action by clicking on the button that says “Take action now”.

We have added a cancellation option and choices for restocking the things you’ve purchased. Select the option to cancel and press the Take Action button after reviewing the inventory alternatives. There will be additional steps required before the cancellation is finalized if you selected the option to alter things before returning them to your inventory.

What should you expect as a buyer in this transaction?

Enter the order ID on the Problem Order page. An option to file an OCR will appear if your order is eligible for cancellation.

What went wrong? Select the option to file an OCR (a comment is also required). Take action by clicking the button.

We’ll let the seller know that the order’s status has been changed to “OCR.” Whether or not to cancel an order is solely at the discretion of the vendor.

The order will be canceled if the seller approves the OCR. A rejection of OCR by the seller will result in the order going back to its prior state.

Returning Ordered Products to the Seller’s Inventory

If the seller already has an item in stock, the item in the order will be combined with the seller’s existing stock. Unless you specify otherwise, the item will be added to the seller’s inventory as a new item.

The seller has the option to “Edit items before returning them to my inventory” on the Problem Order page below the Cancel Order option. A four-step process will take the seller through all the products in the order before they are returned to their inventory, and the seller can choose whether or not to consolidate them with existing items in their inventory using new or old values for selected fields when they select this option.

The first step is to select the options for consolidation.

Then, Modify the Items in Your Shopping Cart.

The third step is to check the items.

Lastly, Add Inventory Items and Cancel Orders

To cancel an order, simply uncheck this option or use NSS/NRS to do so, and all items in the order will be consolidated using the default old values for all item fields if this option is not selected.

Order cancellations via NSS/NRS or unregistration of the seller do not return items to their original owner’s inventory.

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