Proper communication is integral to real estate job profiles. It is essentially a business of first impressions. A single suspicious word, expression, or gesture might not only cost you the loss of potential business, but also taint your reputation, and cause word-of-mouth damage. Ultimately, a wrong move in communications ceases all the best chances of good referrals. How much successful you are would depend on the good you get to master the lost art of true communication. Besides what you say, what you show is also important. Keep a conscious note of body language and how it expresses you non-verbally. Look up these 5 critical non-verbal giveaways that sell out your dignity almost immediately.

Real Estate Professionals
Real Estate Professionals

Strange Postures

Your posture is a transparent personality indicator. The way you carry your presence can be very revealing to a discerning eye. The way you keep your hands, whether you shift weight constantly, slumped shoulders, and a bent backbone indicates confidence lacks. Then again, too much-forced aggressiveness also refers you as restless, and hence unreliable, besides a tendency to be bossy. You would need to strike a balanced pose somewhere. Your entire communication with the customer should inspire trust and confidence.

The one thing that meets eyes

General avoidance of eye contact while discussing business propositions definitely communicates an unreliable image. The body language rule of thumb dictates that a person who avoids meeting eyes is unsure of the acceptance of his presence by the other person. It also displays a tendency to lie and a deeply placed fear of being revealed. In balance, unwarranted eye contact would deem you as intrusive and stalker-creepy! The expression of eyes is always more than that meets in words. Keep a look on maintaining trusted eye contact.

Funny fashion sense

Your fashion determines your first impression to a great extent. Usually, others would judge your dressing sense to understand your character and attitude about life. Keep the fashion between formal and semi-formal, but never too casual especially when you meet some potential client. Being happy-go-lucky maybe your basic nature, but it may affect your prospects of sealing a deal. As a pro-property agent, you must make it a priority to dress in a way that highlights your professional commitment to the serious business.

Indecent gestures

Almost everyone waves their hands during conversations, trying to get across a view. It is a natural movement that helps to express your opinions, describing your viewpoint compellingly to connect with the client. However, knowing that, you have to be very careful regarding your arm movements because an excess of it can be annoying, and it should never tread over the limits of basic decency.

Unwanted smiling

Although smiling is good to connect by the trust of your customer, yet an excess of it may not be so much appreciated. It is a probability that a client can feel uncomfortable with a twisted smile beside displaying you as egoistic and casual.

As a conclusion, by looking into the little details of body language to inherently avoid the aforesaid loopholes, you should come across as a reassuring and positive person.

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