It is very common and very frustrating to see cockroaches in our kitchen or living room or bathroom or even in the bedroom during the night. Cockroaches crawl and don’t bite, but the infection caused by them can be severe.  Cockroaches can pass on many diseases such as Cholera, Plague, Typhoid fever, food poisoning, and even can cause asthma.  To keep our health under check, we should keep cockroaches away from our intimate space.  We should follow –


Clean House – Cockroaches often grow in dirty and damp places. Water is the most required element for cockroaches. Garage, garbage bin, and humid hidden spots in the yard are ideal breeding areas for cockroaches. If we keep our house thoroughly clean, we can keep cockroaches away.

Covered Food – Cockroaches come out of their hiding place during the night in search of food. Our dirty dishes in the sink, leftover food on counters, and food crumbs on the floor attract cockroaches during the night.   We should keep our leftover food in the fridge during the night and clean our dishes before sleeping.

Garbage Disposal – As we know, cockroaches grow in hot and humid places; our garbage bin is a very tempting place for cockroaches. Therefore, we should dispose of our garbage before going to bed to stop the breeding of cockroaches.

Using Traps And Baits – There are many traps and baits available in supermarkets and utility stores. These traps attract cockroaches with a special kind of scent and sticky substance on them traps pests.  Baits look like food items, contain chemical poison that spread out in cockroaches and eliminate them from our houses.

Home Remedies – Various common food items we use in our house regularly help us remove pests from our home. A little bit of dust of Boric Acid kills cockroaches, but it does not work on wet surfaces, and it’s poisonous, so we should keep it out of the reach of children.  Similarly, we can use Neem Oil mixed with water to spray, or Neem Powder can be spread in the night in areas infested by cockroaches.  Peppermint oil and bay leaves can also be used from the kitchen to kill cockroaches.

Pest Control – If you have tried all these home remedies and taken preventive measures to eliminate cockroaches but have not achieved desired results, we would suggest you contact pest control services available near you. Pest control will make your home free from all kinds of pests, including cockroaches, so there will be no fear of cockroaches on your bed in the middle of the night.

It is also believed that if we keep lights switched on during the night, cockroaches will not come out of their hiding places, but it’s not true.  Cockroaches tend to breed in dark and damp places but are attracted to light, so if you plan to get rid of cockroaches just by switching on your lights during the night, it will not work.  Better take preventive measures before getting infected from cockroaches.

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