The Internet makes purchasing products and services a lot easier these days. You no longer have to get in your vehicle, drive to your local store, and spend money on gas. What if you are in the market for something like framing and matting? Indeed, you would have to go in person and bring in your artwork to be measured for framing. Nope. Not anymore. Read on to find out how to get online framing and matting.

Online Framing and Matting
Online Framing and Matting

What is Online Framing and Matting?

Online framing and matting are when you pay an online service to construct a mat and frame for your piece and ship it to your home. Local stores and big chains like Walmart and Target also provide these services, but you would have to travel to get them. Additionally, online services may provide extra features that may not be available in stores.

How does it work?

Getting online framing and matting services done is a straightforward process.

Most online framing and matting sites will start you off by having you pick a style you would like to incorporate into your mat or frame. You will usually have many different design options.

Then you can upload your own photo from your phone/computer, or you can choose the artwork by selecting something that the site has available.

Once you submit your choices, the site will ship your selections to you in a protected package.

Pros of Online Framing and Matting

The framing and matting are tailored to your wants and will provide you with a stunning display that you will love and therefore want to show off.

Unlike cheaper methods such as thumbtacks and silly putty, a personalized frame and matting will last a long time.

Cons of Online Framing and Matting

As mentioned before, anything custom is tailored to you as an individual, so that it will cost more.

Online framing and matting is now a booming market, and there are more options than ever before

Having more options than ever before also hikes up the price

Is online framing and matting really worth it with the higher price tags? When you break it down, it does seem worth it. The framing and matting are tailored to you, so there’s less of a chance of you not liking the results. That means you won’t have to spend money on redoing anything.

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