The National Insurance Company is India’s oldest and best-known general insurance company and is wholly possessed by the Govt of India. The corporation was originated in the year 1906 and it had its headquarter in Kolkata. It started its operations with 14902 skilled employees and 1998 offices located across India.

Parivar Mediclaim
Parivar Mediclaim

This Insurance corporation was integrated with about 11 indigenous companies and 21 overseas establishments were set up to form the National Insurance Company Limited. Insurance Policy from the National Health Insurance Company offers a wide range of adaptations for different requirements of senior citizens, individuals, families, etc.

The Company offers basic needs such as inpatient hospitalization, daycare treatment, and other medical expenses to the insured. So, let’s now know some of the most common advantages of national insurance Parivar mediclaim below

Benefits Of National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim:

Sum Insured ranges from INR 1, 00, 000 to INR 10, 00,000/-

1 year, 2 years, 3 years of Policy Term. Customers can choose as per their need with attractive reductions on a long term plan

At least 2 family members for example Self, Spouse, Dependent legally adopted or legitimate children, as well as Parents.

Treatment covered such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Allopathy (Up to 100 percent of SI).

Zone wise attractive discounts and premium

Organ Donor’s costs and Ambulance Charges covered up to the sub-limits stated.

ICU charges/ Room Rent, Medical practitioners, anesthetist, specialist’s fees, surgeon, consultant, and other fees as per the limits stated in the insurance plan.

Domiciliary (at home) Hospitalization and Cataract surgery with detailed limits stated in the plan.

Facility to cover pre-existing hypertension and diabetes at expense of extra premium according to terms & conditions of the plan.

12 Up-to-date treatments such as immunotherapies, oral chemotherapies, Robotic surgery, etc., are now protected in the plan.

Pre & Post Hospitalizations up to 30 days & 60 days correspondingly for same illness/injury/disease for which Hospitalizations happened.

Improvement of eyesight, which is refractive faults above -7.5 D is now protected after stated waiting periods.

Action for morbid obesity is now getting coverage after stated waiting periods.

HIV/AIDS, Mental illness, Genetic ailments are now getting coverage

Treatment associated with involvement as a non-professional in adventure or dangerous sports subject sub-limits.

Vaccination for children & Anti-Rabies Vaccination according to limits stated in the plan

New Born Cover(Afterbirth), Maternity, Infertility Treatment Coverage as per the limits stated in the plan after stated waiting periods.

Add on coverage for instance Out-patient and Critical Illness Treatment

Advantage of renewal for Life-Long

Hospital Cash Advantage as per the limits stated in the plan

Cashless Facility obtainable Only at the Network Hospitals

Pre-Negotiated rates of the package for precise procedure/surgeries in the network hospitals

List of Reports/Tests:

  • Blood sugar (postprandial/fasting), HbA1c in some plans
  • Physical check (report to be retained by the Doctors with least MD qualification)
  • Serum creatinine
  • Lipid profile
  • Eye check-up (together with retinoscopy)
  • ECG
  • Microscopic examination and Urine routine
  • Any other test compulsory by the corporation and considered essential


The date of clinical reports ought not to surpass 30 days preceding the date of the proposition. half of the costs brought about for pre-arrangement registration will be repaid if the proposition is acknowledged. Terms and conditions apply.


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