Although bathrooms are not rooms where you can stay all day, constructing and modeling them is given a lot of attention. Why? Because quality bathrooms flaunt both functionality and style. 

While there are bathrooms worthy of a round of applause in every aspect, there are those that make you want to redo a lot of things in them, and that makes you think money was put to waste. The latter is a result of thoughtless choices before and during the establishment of these bathrooms.

Below are 10 common mistakes that homeowners commit when building and designing bathrooms. Read on, so you can improve your own comfort room, and so you won’t do the same if your dream house is still bound to be made.

Pexels - house home bathroom1
Pexels – house home bathroom1


Glossy tiles boost brightness and spaciousness. No doubt that they are famous options when it comes to bathroom floors and walls, however, glossy tiles are not always the best. 

Yes, they are easy to wipe and clean, but because they are shiny and mirrory, they tend to highlight wet areas, dirt, and cracks — things you want to conceal. 

What’s more concerning is that glossy bathroom floors are often slippery when wet. They are not ideal for the safety of elders, of little kids, and of anybody who’s rushing into and out of the toilet. While glossy tiles are not illegal for bathrooms, they are not among the top picks if safety is the issue.


You can be as creative as you want when designing it, but remember that all details, from the littlest to the biggest, have an impact on the overall quality of the bathroom. 

One of the tricky subjects that many homeowners fail in is choosing the paint color for the bathroom walls and ceilings. Many make weighty mistakes here. 

The wrong choice of paint color spoils the beauty and coziness of bathrooms because color sets the general mood and atmosphere of the stretch. Some appear too bright, thus, a bit uncomfortable to the eyes, especially on sunny days if there’s a window. Some bathrooms look too dark, thus, quite inconvenient since it’s hard to navigate around. In some cases, the color choices make the room look cramped.

This mistake is made when you neglect to consider other elements in the comfort room such as the hues of fixtures, the source of lighting and the position of the room itself.


When you don’t hire professional new home builders, and you just do the bathroom remodeling yourself, you might fall into the dark pit of improper tile grouting if you’re not knowledgeable and not careful. 

Grouting is necessary to install tiles on floors and walls. It fills the gaps between the tiles, prevents dirt from entering them, and fortifies their placement. 

Some people just mindlessly put the grout without completely covering the spaces. This allows debris to get in. Not to mention, bathroom floors and walls always get wet, so if that’s the unwanted case of the grouting, the quality of these portions will diminish. Tile installation will not last long with good quality if grout is insufficient. 


Toilet bowls shine the most when you need them most. They must always be comfortable! 

Choosing low toilet bowls are inconvenient because they almost make you feel like you’re sitting on a kiddie stool. Doing your CR affairs won’t be as snuggly as it should be. Low bowls do not suit tall and big people as well.  


Lighting is one of the most significant aspects to consider when building and designing bathrooms. Unfortunately, many people also fail to value it. 

Poor lighting may occur when you are too focused on the visuals of the lighting fixtures you’d like to hang; you are skipping over the importance of the illumination of the area because of that priority. Dim lighting is very unfavorable since it will be hard to see objects in the bathroom, especially when your eyes are filled with soap or when you have poor eyesight. When you choose the wrong color of light, you’re doing the wrong thing, too, because that will never help when you’re sprucing up your face in the bathroom mirror.


Besides glass shower doors, shower curtains are among the most popular selections when it comes to dividing the bathing area, the sink area, and the toilet bowl area. You can be artistic about these curtains if you want to but highly regard appropriate sizes. 

Oversized shower curtains cause a nuisance. They reach the floor and eventually make going out of and entering the shower annoying, especially when they are wet and heavy. They may cause mishaps such as tripping too.


It is totally not easy to cleanse your face, to remove visible dirt and to put on facial creams without seeing yourself. Some homeowners forget how mirrors are also important inside bathrooms. Although they are not strictly required, they provide huge assistance. Additionally, bathroom mirrors reduce time spent fixing your face, combing your hair and wearing clothes after bathing since you don’t need to go to another room to do them.  


When you have to bring your clothes in the bathroom so you can immediately dress up after other endeavors, you need a spot to place them first. The lack of hooks and bars to serve this purpose is a big mistake that some homeowners commit or ignore. Their bathrooms are wide, but the floor is not the right support to keep clothes and towels dry and clean for a while, right? Be wise enough to attach hooks and install bars for these.


There are times when you can’t normally open or close the faucet yet because your hands are slippery and your eyes are blocked by shampoo’s bubbles. This dilemma is possible when your faucet does not fully suite bathrooms. 

Ball faucets may not be the most helpful in times like these, but many choose them because they are common. Cartridge faucets and disc faucets are more ideal because they have handles that allow you to switch them on and off even when you cannot completely see them. 


Probably the mistake that will bring your home to the worst danger is this one. 

Having low electrical sockets is wrong. How low? As long as they are near the floor that always gets wet, they are low. Those near sources of water and near areas where baths are held are positioned erroneously as well. They are prone to get accidentally splashed with water and soap. You know what could happen next: electrocution, short circuits, fires. Big hazard.  

Harmful locations of electrical sockets are a big no-no; they put lives at tremendous risk! 


No matter the size, shape, and type of a house, one or more bathrooms in it cannot be forgotten. Furthermore, they cannot be done just so-so but with smart planning.

Make sure you discuss with your expert new home builders and interior designer your wishes on how your bathroom will be glammed up. In that way, they can combine your style ideas with their knowledge of coming up with a chic-looking, highly serviceable home bathroom just for you.


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