There have been many salient features of the Narendra Modi government, but the most prominent feature has been the opposition. From the beginning till now, the government has faced opposition from almost every small and big decision. In this, urgent issues like a ban on Article 370 and triple talaq, opposition parties, and the left-liberal.

Central Vista Project
Central Vista Project

Ecosystems have also faced opposition from essential infrastructure projects like highway projects, bullet trains, expansion, and railways, port construction, etc.  One of such big projects is the Central Vista project, which includes constructing a new Parliament building, which the government is facing opposition to.

Why Is The Central Vista Redevelopment Plan Essential For His Country?

The Central Vista project also includes the reconstruction of an area known as Central Vista Avenue. The area between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate where all the important buildings belonging to the central government are already located.

There are two reasons for taking up this project: a new Parliament building and a new Secretariat complex, which will help bring all the Ministries of all the Central Government in one place. Apart from this, the development of Rajghat and its surrounding area is also included, which is available to the general public.

What Is The Requirement Of A New Building For Parliament?

The project for the construction of the Parliament House is an important aspect. There are several major causes for the requirement to build a Parliament House building plan. Most important in this is the imminent expansion of the size of Parliament. Since independence, the population has increased almost four times, due to which the continuous increase of population has been the main reason for this.

What Should Be The Structure Of the New Parliament Building?

A triangular plot located in the east has been selected for the construction of the new Parliament House. Apart from the parking and police barracks, no other structure has been planned as the plot is triangular. Triangular land was chosen so that the entire available space could be utilized properly. The size of the new Parliament House has been fixed almost as much as the size of the old Parliament House. The structure of the inner part of the Parliament House will be in the color of the Indian national bird peacock, whose traditional color will be green.

Central Secretariat is required

The second part of the Central Vista Project, which helps locate all the ministries, is the Central Secretariat. The North Block and South Block houses a few ministries, while several other buildings added later in the area host several other ministries. Even after the creation of ministries, it is common to find offices of ministries everywhere in Delhi.

Growth In The Public Sector

Along with constructing the new Parliament House, the construction of buildings on both sides of the Rajpath has also been included in the project. Along with the reconstruction of the roads, a magnificent structure of gardens has also been prepared, which will help in increasing the glory of the Parliament House.

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