The economy of India is supposed to be one of the largest economies in the whole world. This is not because of the higher population rate of India but because of the diversity in economic variants. To help people with such incredible economic variants, they must be provided with an adequate amount of banks. So to mention here with the exact number, there are supposed to be 22 private sector banks 12 public sector banks in entire India.

They have been serving the nation for many years and have proved to be beneficial for the citizens. Today, we have mentioned here the top five private sector banks in India with some basic details.

Top 5 Largest Private Banks Best Home Loan in India
Top 5 Largest Private Banks Best Home Loan in India

[1] HDFC Bank

HDFC is a common name for housing development and finance corporation limited bank. This bank was established in the year 1994 and is serving till date to the citizens of India. This bank has a headquarter in Mumbai, and it is interesting to notice that it has a revenue of over Rs. 1.17 lakh crore within the income of 21,078 crores in the year 2019. This bank is supposed to be one of the largest banks in India and has numerous services for customers.

[2] ICICI Bank

This is one of India’s most reliable and secured private banks with a complete name of industrial credit and investment corporation of India. When customers are using this bank, they are provided with a huge variety of services, including loans, deposits, insurance policies, privileged banking, credit card, and other things. This Bank has a revenue of Rs. 73,913 crores also add there has been an income within the year 2019 of Rs. 3,363 crores.

[3] Axis Bank

This bank also has headquarters in Mumbai, which was established in the year 1993. Within a short span of existence, this bank has served to flourish all across India with several branches. There are supposed to be more than 55,000 employees working across India in this bank. Also, this bank has gained the position of third-largest bank in the private sector in the year 2021.

[4] Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank has a position of number four on the private sector list in India. The reputation of this particular bank is also so good that it is leading in the private banks in India. This bank is not so old as it was established in the year 2003, but still, it has crossed thousands of branches in India. The customers who are attached to this bank are really satisfied because of the services which are provided. Also, this bank has proved to supply and employment of more than 33,000 people.

[5] Yes Bank

Yes Bank is a well-renowned bank due to the services and management features provided, and it was established in the year 2004. Many assets are provided by this bank, such as corporate finance, branch banking, SME banking facilities, investment banking, retail banking, and others. Also, it was observed that the revenue collected by this bank in this working year of 2019 was Rs. 25,419 crores with the employment of more than 18000 people.

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