I shifted to a new home last week, and I can state for sure that shifting into a new home is no piece of cake. It requires a lot of effort and hard work. There is a long list of things one needs to check before he or she plans to start living in the particular apartment for sale. One such list is of the ‘structural defects’. Such defects are mainly due to the poor, improper and bad construction and design of the concerned property. it is highly essential that a homebuyer conducts a home inspection at the initial stage of buying to address such an issue. Structural defects consist of water seepages in the house, cracks on the walls, chipping of plaster walls and so on.

Structural Checklist Before You Shift In Your New Home
Structural Checklist Before You Shift In Your New Home

Here is a structural checklist a home buyer needs to check before shifting in-


This is the chief root of a house and perhaps the most crucial point one needs to look into. The foundation of a house is what makes the home structurally strong and sound. If you find shutting doors and windows hard then that is a sign of improper foundation. Other signs include inadequate draining, if there are gaps and ruptures, sagging and so on.

Wall Cracks

The reason for cracks on walls is frequent shrinking and expansion of concrete due to variation in temperature and the moisture. Minor and tiny cracks are considered harmless however if there is a major crack then it needs to be given attention. Cracks in several rooms are a major indicator of the structural problem.

Plumbing problems

One needs to pay attention to the brand of piping being used as an old piping material can be the reason for plumbing problems. Incorrect and faulty installation can also cause clogging of the drain, toilet leaks, shower leak etc. Such plumbing defects even lead to chipping off the wall due to internal leakage.

Hence, it is advisable to take precaution and stay vigilant in the initial stage itself in order to prevent problems in the future.

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