The element of technology has taken over the lives of the people in a greater sense. There is no sphere of life that has been untouched by technology. One such technological advancement which has changed the lives hugely is ‘mobile’. It has made everything a lot more convenient and smooth. There are features like the customized feeds, GPS services, booking techniques, and also the option of site visit module is there.

Mobile devices are competing with desktops and PCs in the property search area. According to recent research, it was witnessed that the number of people who look for properties on desktops is equal to the number of people who use mobile devices for the same. People are seen spending double time on their cell phones as compared to desktops. Well, it was seen that there has been a growth in the pace of usage of mobile in the II-tier cities. There has been an increase of almost 30 percent since the year 2014 when compared to the I-tier cities. It was also seen and researched that the amount of time that was spent by buyers for searching for any property on the mobile phone was doubled.


 In the past few years, more buyers have switched to mobile phones from laptops or desktops for property searching. As per data, till March of 2014, around 10 percent of the home buyers searched for properties on mobile whereas now this percentage has increased to almost more than 50 percent. The search on mobile phones in just the last year has increased to almost 10 times! In the years 2014 and 2015, the searching of property on mobile rather than a laptop has grown almost 3 times faster.

Not just this, it was also seen that more and more women homebuyers are using the technology of mobile to search for their required property. A large number of people use their mobile phones to search for properties and plot on weekends.

 The shifting search from desktop to mobile can bring about a major development in the real estate industry. Buyers and sellers can chat and talk anytime and anywhere they want. Buyers can easily seek advice and suggestion from their agents about any property merely by sitting at home or office. A buyer can also get all the valuable information he or she needs once he visits the site. Location-based services which are there on almost all smart phones are a great boon for this. Thus the mobile search for property makes the process all the way more easy, quick, and convenient!

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