Mohali is also known as Sahibzada  Ajit Singh Nagar. It is a planned city in Mohali. It is a shopper’s paradise and is known for its cricket grounds. It is famous for its rock garden, gurudwara nabha sahib, fateh Burj, etc. It has good connectivity to all the important cities around it. It can be considered a good place to live in as it has cool winters, not-so-hot summers, and mild to moderate rains and is located at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Is investment beneficial in Mohali?

Yes, Mohali is considered to be a good place for investments as it has numerous residential projects going on. It is a growing city in the information technology field and there are various choices for commercial investments. Real estate in Mohali is a fast-growing field on a large scale due to urbanization. There are many small villages and is also called a satellite town.  It has a pretty good land area needing development as a result of which various investors are keeping an eye on it.

Retail brand:

The world trade center is also taking place in the market retail business of products on a high scale will give commercial spaces for savings. Connaught plaza is an upcoming project.

Property investments:

Many projects are upcoming in this field and are proving to be good for investment because of it being an upcoming field the chances of growth is high and the current prices are low which gives a pretty good margin. The average cost of the apartment is only 25 lakhs to 50 lakhs depending on the type and location of the apartment. The luxurious apartment costs between 90 lakhs to 1.5 crores depending upon the area of the apartment.

Educational hub:

It is growing pretty fast to become an educational hub just like Pune. Various esteemed institutes are offering different professional courses. The educational hub is an ever-growing sector, especially in fields like business schools, pharmaceuticals, etc. It is also leading to becoming a good healthcare-providing city.


Many cineplexes, retail shops, shopping malls, eateries, recreational hubs, and play zone for children are upcoming quickly. Besides the international cricket stadium, golf course, etc the metro station is also an attraction for various tourists.

Upcoming IT prospects:

Mohali is aiming and is pretty close to becoming the biggest IT hub in all of north India. Many IT sectors are investing huge amounts to promote urbanization. Various incentives and perks are being provided as it is well connected to the highly developed city of Chandigarh. It has an airport nearby to promote connectivity as compared to southern cities like Banglore. Various companies like Infosys have already stepped and are already opening up branches to spread further.

Conclusion: Mohali is a good city for investment purposes be it business start-ups or properties etc. You can invest in land purchasing for various activities like amusement parks, hotels, etc. Both skilled and unskilled laborers are required in this developing city providing job opportunities for everyone.

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