Paintings in the hallway are an important element of decor because they allow you to significantly transform the space, set a specific mood, add expressiveness, completeness, and uniqueness to the room, and visually correct the corridor’s geometry.

How do you pick a picture for the hallway?

Suggestions for selecting art for the hallway:

First and foremost, you must select canvases that complement the overall style of the apartment’s corridor.

Canvases should be placed at eye level.

A bright and saturated color picture will be ideal for walls in nude and low-key tones, and vice versa.

When deciding on the size of the picture, consider the dimensions of the room; for example, large images are better suited to a large corridor.

It is not advisable to select plots that are overly aggressive.

What kind of artwork should I put up in the hallway?

You have a number of options for decorating the room.



This view consists of several images that, when combined, represent a single image. This design is always very stylish and distinguished by its uniqueness, which allows you to completely change the appearance of decorative items.



It’s an excellent opportunity to add a unique accent to one of the walls. You can achieve stunning effects in the room with the help of interior decoration such as a panel. This decor will be an excellent choice for the classical direction, as well as the Art Nouveau, Baroque, or Rococo styles.



Name of the poster: Lavelart In The Car Roy Lichtenstein Poster Canvas Print

It is a versatile decor that allows you to incorporate bright colors into your home. Posters with original graphic images, unusual art photographs, or other drawings in a neutral frame make an excellent wall or niche decoration.

Paintings in oil or pencil

They have a very impressive appearance, unite and complete the design of the room, and perfectly organize the space, creating a spiritual, ideological, and rich atmosphere in it.



Large or small cross-stitched images with a well-chosen plot are thought to be a unique decorative element that can liven up almost any setting.

Painting Subjects

The canvases not only draw attention but also set the color and mood of the room, thanks to a specific theme.



The name of the artwork: Laveleart Painting of Peonies By Claude Monet

Various images of peonies, poppies, roses, lilies, and other flowers contribute to the room’s cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Floral compositions that are delicate or bright, calm or dynamic, allow you to select the best option for the created interior.



The name of the artwork: Lavelart The Music (Two Ladies) Print On Canvas

Abstract drawings that are energetic, bright, and expressive are very popular for decorating modern hallway interiors. When different shapes and colors are combined, they create new associations and moods. Both the host and the guest will be able to see something close in the spirit in these free images.


They fully convey the artist’s technique, structure, color palette, and subtle author’s style. High-quality canvases that look like expensive originals will undoubtedly become the most valuable decoration in the hallway. Japanese reproductions of various landscapes, pagodas, national fans, sakura, or geisha in traditional attire, for example, will add a touch of exoticism to the space.

Panoramas, which are large-format images of the city with great depth and a wide-angle of the surveyed space, allow you to achieve the maximum effect of presence in the room.

A fashionable and incredibly stylish design is formed by Technic Paintings with luxurious thematic technical drawings and stunning transport scenes inspired by high speeds.



The name of the artwork: Lavelart Trace of spring by Bob Ross

Canvases with animals, birds, or waterfalls, rivers, and mountain peaks fill the atmosphere with complete harmony and beauty, creating an atmosphere as close to nature as possible.

The canvas’ 3d

They are the dominant feature of the entire interior, emphasizing specific details and setting the overall tone for it. Because of the depth of perception, three-dimensional 3d drawings visually push the boundaries of the hallway and add additional space to it.

Feng Shui artwork placement and selection

According to Feng Shui principles, it is best to hang paintings with quieter subjects in the hallway, such as still lifes, landscapes, or a portrait of a person. Drawings of powerful and unrestrained water streams, such as waterfalls, mountain rivers, or seas, will also be appropriate.

Place a canvas of a turtle or an elephant on the wall in front of the door to attract money and prosperity.

A picture of peonies is especially suitable for attracting love.

The selection of artistic products should be approached with caution, because the amount of positive energy in space is determined by the plot, location, and meaning of the composition.

Ideas for Interior Painting

Interior paintings have the ability to completely alter the visual perception of an entire corridor.

Paintings with limited space

Horizontal or vertical narrow canvases with high ceilings will look best in a larger room with high ceilings.


They allow you to visually raise the ceilings, making the corridor appear higher. Vertical canvases are ideal for displaying on narrow walls.

Canvases in frames will create a single stylistic design and emphasize refined taste within the framework of Canvases in frames, which will be harmoniously combined with the elements of furniture in the hallway. When using more than one painting in the corridor, it is also a good idea to use frames that are the same color and texture.

The colors black and white

Canvases in black and white tones are an unusual and original artistic solution in their own right. They are capable of creating an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind corridor design.


Paintings with wall lamps above them will fill the interior with a color and shade game. Furthermore, the backlight will provide additional eye-friendly lighting in the corridor, making its design truly unique and appealing.

Placing a picture on the wall

Several successful options for hanging canvases on the wall include:

Across from the front door. An empty wall opposite the entrance door is better decorated with an appealing, eye-catching composition. Canvases with aggressive images should not be hung on this wall.

Located above the chest of drawers. A small painting will look great above the chest of drawers. Small canvases with a single semantic direction, hung in a row, look just as organic.

Across from the mirror. If there is a mirror in the corridor, placing more than one picture in front of it is not recommended because the effect of multiple reflections will result in a visual reduction in the area.

Above the front door. By hanging the canvas over the door, you can visually lower the hallway’s too-high ceilings.

Into the nook. The angular composition allows you to animate the corridor space while also emphasizing its volumes.

Along the stairwell You can use canvases of any size to decorate the wall along the stairs; the important thing is to adhere to the diagonal arrangement to achieve a harmonious look.


The name of the artwork: Henri Matisse The Dance print

The proper placement of paintings will not only allow you to show the design of the room in the best light, but will also allow you to adjust the geometry of the space.

Suggestions for selecting paintings for various shaped corridors

You can drastically alter the geometry of space by strategically arranging canvases.

Narrow. Canvases of medium or small size, hung horizontally on the walls in a row, will visually expand a narrow corridor. You can also make this room shorter by hanging a single large and bright picture on one end wall.

Long. Paintings arranged in a single horizontal line at the same height will draw attention to the corridor’s length.

A narrow passageway. Small canvases work best in a small hallway; when using large paintings, make sure they are not too bright and colorful, but instead contain calm and neutral subjects in light colors.

Photos of various interior design styles

Paintings have been used in a variety of stylistic concepts.


Paintings with various landscapes, portraits, animalistic and botanical sketches, as well as tapestries, frescoes, or panels, will be especially appropriate in a classic interior. Canvases can be embellished with both thin and voluminous silver or gold frames.


Tower of The Koutoubia Mosque Print


Plot canvases or graphic panels with drawings of personal taste preferences are used in this style. They will drastically alter the artistic perception of modern design, adding even more aesthetics and creativity to it.


Not-too-pretentious black-and-white products in strict frames or retro sketches with snow-white Passepartout will work well with a subdued Scandinavian style.


Luxurious floral plots, marine motifs, and beautiful still lifes in the form of antique vases with fruits or grapes will make the atmosphere of the French style even more cozy, pleasant, and calm, adding a certain charm of country life.


In the loft-style hallway, bright and large posters with various inscriptions, abstraction, geometric drawings with strict lines, or canvases with modern paintings and graphics will be appropriate. This design will fit in very well with this direction, which does not like extraneous details.

Photographic gallery

Paintings in the hallway can serve multiple functions at the same time. They enable you to decorate the room, create a positive atmosphere in it, make the design of the space truly unique, fill the corridor with special energy, and simply give it a very stylish appearance.

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