Technicians Work on Planes Engineers are the people that ensure the security and upkeep of aeroplanes and other flying machines. Because of the great respect and duty associated with this position, it is among the highest paid in the airline business. Without the OK from an AME, no plane is allowed to take off. The work is exciting and novel, making India a great place to work.

When it comes to aeroplanes, safety is paramount. An aeroplane is constructed from thousands of modern components, including engines, electrical and electronic systems, and more. Due to the inevitable breakdown of components with time and use, aeroplanes require frequent inspections and maintenance. Engineers specialising in aircraft maintenance are educated to examine aircraft, identify faults, document issues, and implement solutions.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

When an aeroplane lands at an airport, an aviation maintenance engineer (AME) looks it over to make sure everything is in working order before issuing a Flight Release Certificate (FRC) for the plane to take off again. If everything checks out, the FRC is issued, and the plane can depart. If problems are found, the plane must return to the AME’s base of operations, where a technician will fix them before the FRC is issued. Typically, this is what happens right before takeoff.

The aviation industry relies on aircraft maintenance engineers, making this a lucrative field in India. accepting salary range The typical AME pay in India is between seven and eight Laces per year. There is a considerable demand for Indian AMEs in the Gulf countries, and the remuneration for experienced AMEs in those regions can reach as much as $5,000 per month in laces.

As an added perk, AMEs get complimentary flight tickets for themselves and their families. There is great potential for high-paying work abroad. All throughout the world, AME can find work in both the public and private sectors.

India’s aviation sector is expanding at a rate of 25% annually, making it the world’s fastest-growing. After the United States and China, our aviation market is the third largest in the world, and we expect to become the greatest by 2030. India now has a fleet of around 400 commercial aircraft, with another 1080 scheduled for delivery over the course of the next few years. This results in a significant requirement for both maintenance services and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

The Civil Aviation Authority of India (DGCA) requires a three-year training period for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Those who obtain an AME certification are qualified for jobs in both the public and private sectors of the aviation industry, wherever they may be located in the world.

If you want to study Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – AME in one of India’s government-approved AME schools, you’ll need to take the AME CEE the country’s standard AME entrance test. If a student performs well on the AME CEE 2023.All India Rank exam, he or she will be offered a spot at one of the country’s top AME schools.

What is the salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering earns a good salary package in India for those who are fascinated with aeroplane ad helicopters. It is clearly visible from the aviation growth that the career opportunities for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering are great.

What does an aircraft maintenance engineer do?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is a person who is certified to work on the aircraft and helicopter for the maintenance, repair, testing, rectifying, and solving of the problem of the aircraft. It is mandatory for the aircraft to be certified by a skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

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